SANJUSANGENDO:SANJUSANGENDO is a Buddhist temple which is part…


SANJUSANGENDO is a Buddhist temple which is part of the Rengeo-in monastery in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1164 CE, the temple is famous for its impressive dimensions and the 1,001 golden Buddha figures and 28 guardian statues which stand inside it. The temple is listed as a National Treasure of Japan.

The Sanjusangendo temple’s official name is Rengeo-in which means ‘Temple of the Lotus King Kannon-bosatsu’ and is dedicated to Kannon (full name: Juichimen-Senjusengen-Kanzeon), the bodhisattva better known as Guanyin. The temple was founded in 1164 CE by the retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa (r. 1155-1158 CE) in Kyoto or Heiankyo as the then capital was known.

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