36th Waffen SS Division “Dirlewanger Brigade”,…

36th Waffen SS Division “Dirlewanger Brigade”, Warsaw 1944.

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The 36th Waffen SS Grenadier Division led by Oskar Dirlewanger was the most notorious and one of the most feared units in World War 2. Composed as a penal unit expected to die, it was largely composed of the worst of the worst in the German prison systems.

Murderers, rapists, psychopaths formed most of the unit. After so many brutal accounts of their actions, special SS hearings and investigations were called to potentially disband the unit. Yes, they were so bad the even the SS were saying “Whoa, whoa, you’re too evil.”

Its commander, Oskar Dirlewanger had a horrific history of crime, including allegations of sexual abuse against minors. He survived to the end of the war but was captured by the French. He was later extradited to Poland and was likely beaten to death by his Polish guards in June 1945.