Cecil Henry Meares (1878-1938) This man is my history crush (pls…

Cecil Henry Meares (1878-1938)
This man is my history crush (pls dont judge me but I think his eyes are SO pretty) because of what he accomplished in his life. He was a true adventurer just like how we know it from the books.
He was born in Ireland as the son of an armee officer he tried to take the same career path as his father at first but soon found out that his passion was rather travelling around and being part of lots of expeditions.
He was a Coffee planter in India, a fur trader in siberia, travelled trough america, south africa, japan and visited the most lonley places like tibet, where his expedition leader was brutally murdered by native tribes and Meares brought his corpse back and guided the remaining expedition members to civilisation. And last but not least antarctica. Here he was not only a polar explorer but mainly the Dog expert and russian interpretor of the ill fated Scott expedition in 1910-1913.
The plan was originally to use the dog teams as supporting teams on this expedition to the south pole but since the dogs proved more useful than expected Meares and his russian assistant had to take the dogs on further.
On the way back they almost starved due to the lack of food but managed to get to their “base” after being in an ice dessert for more then 2 months. (The Photo was taken right after he returned from this journey)
Meares had a gift for languages and at the end of his life he was fluent in russian, indian, french, german and many other languages.