BOOK REVIEW: Egyptian Art by Bill Manley THE a…

BOOK REVIEW: Egyptian Art by Bill Manley 

THE art and architecture of ancient Egypt continue to capture the imagination of the modern world. Manley’s Egyptian Art is recommended to anyone interested or with a background in ancient Egypt, architecture, cultural studies, and art history. An exquisite and utilitarian reference, this book is additionally suited for university courses in Egyptology.

Ancient Egyptian art is as recognizable as that of ancient Egypt’s most enduring monuments, the Pyramids of Giza. Elegant forms clothed in bright colors, pleasant scenes of the populace active in industry or enjoying leisure, and symbols that command both temporal and spiritual authority characterize an ancient artistic tradition which lasted for thousands of years and continues to inspire us today. Egyptian Art by Bill Manley, an Egyptologist who teaches Egyptology and Coptic at the University of Glasgow and is Co-Director of Egiptología Complutense, is the newest volume in Thames & Hudson’s engrossing World of Art series. At 320 pages, Manley’s newest title provides a fine, in-depth introduction to the topic of ancient Egyptian art. 

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