Imperial Japanese Navy Armored Cruiser Izumo, …

Imperial Japanese Navy Armored Cruiser Izumo, commanded by Captain Shigeo Uemura during a visit to Barcelona, 22 october 1926.

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Some interesting context on this rare visit to Barcelona by an IJN ship:

“On October 22, 1926, the armored cruisers Izumo and Yakumo of the Imperial Japanese Navy arrived in Barcelona on a courtesy visit, both on a training trip for midshipmen from Marseille and under the command of Captain Isoroku Yamamoto. After performing the salute to the canyon, while the flagship music band performed the Royal March and the imperial Japanese imam, they began to tie their stern lines to the Barcelona dock next to the Royal Maritime Club.

During their stay in Barcelona, ​​the cruise crew attended a function of the Tivoli theater, the Yakumo music band gave a concert in the Plaza San Jaime and took the opportunity to go on an excursion to Montserrat.

In addition, both cruises were visited by King Alfonso XIII who was honored with a banquet at the Palace. On Tuesday, the 26th, the Japanese battleships disembarked, 104 midshipmen plus 250 armed sailors, and in perfect formation they set off for the Royal Palace of Pedralbes on foot. His route passed through the Ramblas, Passeig de Gràcia and Avenida de Alfonso XIII (now Avenida Diagonal), taking exactly one hour to complete the tour. There the Japanese flotilla commander Captain Yamamoto was already waiting for them with the Minister of Japan in Spain, Mr. Tamekichi Ohta and the Japanese Consul Jorge Delgado Lauger, plus their assistants and secretaries; on the Spanish side were General Primo de Rivera and Military Governor General Correa among other assistants and assistants.

King Alfonso XIII himself reviewed the Japanese troops, after which they made a parade and after singing the Japanese anthem and cheering for the Royal March they started the trip back to their boats crossing the center of Barcelona. The commander of the flotilla, Isoroku Yamamoto, offered a banquet aboard the battleship Izumo, ending in a great party.”