Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Set

As you probably guessed, the tongs in the middle are a pair of tweezers, and the circle on the right is a mirror. There is also a kohl set on the far left, a razor, and a whetstone for sharpening razors.

The set was found in the cemetery in a rush basket. Analyses show it was buried between 1550–1458 BCE. Someone wanted to look their best in the afterlife!

The cemetery has its own story. It was originally a Middle Kingdom tomb, built around 1900 – 1800 BCE, with a huge courtyard. Sometime in antiquity the original tomb was looted. And the tomb plus its courtyard got reused as a cemetery in the New Kingdom, between late 17th Dynasty and the early joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III in the 18th Dynasty. The tomb’s original owner probably wasn’t too happy about that.