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Soldiers of the U.S. 37th Coast Artillery Brigade used searchlights to scan the skies above Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours of February 24, 1942 searching for Japanese bombers, a day before the infamous “Battle of Los Angeles” .

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Aerial view of the beach and street, somewhere in Florida, 1956

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Khmer warriors in battle with the Champa

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Last charge of last surviving Croatian and Hungarian soldiers led by Count Nikola Zrinski, Ban of Croatia from doomed fortress of Szigetvar besieged by Ottoman army, 1566

via redditár 1566 Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent started last campaign of his life to conquer Habsburg capital of Vienna, on his way was fortress of Sigetvar defended by only 2300-3000 Hungarian and Croatian soldiers led by Count Nikola Zrinski that was blocking his advance toward the Vienna. After almost month long siege and stubborn defense, fortress has finally fallen but Ottomans suffered horrible casualties (20k-30k dead and wounded) and Suleiman himself has died (natural causes) so Ottomans called the quits and abandoned Vienna campaign. It took almost 120 years for next Ottoman campaign to take Vienna to be mounted (1683).

August 23, 1945. Red Army over Port Arthur.

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August 23, 1945, despite the unconditional surrender of Japan days before, a new parachute operation allowed the Red Army to recover the symbolic coastal city of Port Arthur, now Chinese territory, which the Russians had lost to Japan in the Russian-Japanese War of 1905.

Martha Jane Burke, better known as Calamity Jane – 1864

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Akira Kurosawa with the cast of “Rashomon”, Japan, 1950

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9 mai 1927 : disparition de l’ “Oiseau blanc” lors de sa traversée de l’Atlantique ►

Ce jour-là, le journal “La Presse” annonce en “Une” l’exploit de deux aviateurs, Charles Nungesser et François Coli. Ils ont décollé la veille pour une traversée de l’Atlantique dans le sens France-Amérique

Benito Mussolini in Venice.1925

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Two men looking at century plants near Silver City, New Mexico

Date: 1940

Collection: New Mexico Magazine Collection

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