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historium: Albert Einstein and his sister, Mar…


Albert Einstein and his sister, Maria, at the World’s Fair; 1939

This photo was taken shortly after Maria “Maja” Einstein immigrated to the United States from Italy, fleeing Italy’s newly enacted anti-Semitic laws.



San Francisco Bay Area, 1967.

pogphotoarchives: “Mountain Pride” stagecoach,…


“Mountain Pride” stagecoach, Orchard Stage Line, Hillsboro, New Mexico

Photographer: George T. Miller
Date: 1905 – 1908?
Negative Number 076906

yesterdaysprint: Fourth and Pike, 1958 & 2…


Fourth and Pike, 1958 & 2011

(Seattle Municipal Archives and Google Maps)



An entrance to Moscow’s Red Square (1963).  The State Historical Museum is to the left, Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the distance.  Thousands of people are queuing up to enter Lenin’s Mausoleum.

usaac-official: 384th Bomb Group B-17s after …


384th Bomb Group B-17s after diverting to Boxted due to weather, 28 June 1944

Iranian women protesting against the Hijab law…

Iranian women protesting against the Hijab law in 1979

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Hengameh Golestan is a pioneer among Iranian women photographers. She has been documenting live in Iran for twenty-eight years. She has photographed vast numbers of women and children, instances of family life, traditional wedding and everyday life in Iran.

During the revolution, she captured moments of rebellion on the part of women. She photographed the last day for Iranian women without the hejab(veil), when group of women from every profession – nurses, students, theathers – took part in an enormous demonstration which ended with them being attacked and stabbed in the streets of Tehran…

“This was taken at the beginning of the demonstration,” Golestan told The Guardian. “I was walking beside this group of women, who were talking and joking. Everyone was happy for me to take their picture. You can see in their faces they felt joyful and powerful. The Iranian revolution had taught us that if we wanted something, we should go out into the street and demand it.

“I wanted to join in all the protests during the revolution, but I knew I had to go as a photographer. My first thought was: “It’s my responsibility to document this.” I’m rather small, so I was ducking in and out of the crowd, constantly taking photos. I took about 20 rolls of film. When the day was over, I ran home to develop them in my dark room. I knew I had witnessed something historic. I was so proud of all the women. I wanted to show the best of us.”



View of Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico

Photographer: John K. Hillers
Date: 1879 – 1880?
Negative Number 002493

Puerto Rican pro-independence nationalist Osca…

Puerto Rican pro-independence nationalist Oscar Collazo lies wounded at the base of the steps to Blair-Lee House, President Truman’s temporary residence in Washington, D.C., after a failed attempt to assassinate Truman .

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A member of the 131st Field Artillery Battalio…

A member of the 131st Field Artillery Battalion loading a 105mm shell packed with D-ration chocolate bars for an infantry battalion cut off in the Belmont Sector, France, 29 Oct 1944. Add’l info in comments.

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The goodies packed inside the shell.