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Baroness Mary Vetsera, teenage mistress of Crown Prince Rudof of Austria-Hungary, she died in apparent murder suicide together with Prince Rudolf at Mayerling hunting lodge in incident known as Mayerling affair 1889,

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1889 – Swimming in the Hotel Alcazar in St. Augustine, today the pool area is a cafe and the building itself is a beautiful museum.

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This is a photo of how it looks now

The Good Companions by

Henry Stevens, 1889

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Democratic Messenger, Eureka, Kansas, June 14, 1889

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E. Romero Hose Company, Las Vegas, New Mexico

Date: July 4, 1889
Negative Number 070419

The Era, London, England, March 16, 1889

Life Magazine, November 21, 1889

Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man, c. 1889

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Nintendo Trading Card, Co., September 23, 1889

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“Going down the salt mines”, Berchtesgaden, Germany, June, 1889

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