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The hand of Clarence Madison Dally, a glassblower who worked with Thomas Edison, ca. 1900.

A laughing man in Australia, ca. 1900

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“The smallest shop in London” – a shoe salesman with a 1.2 square meter store, 1900

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Indian woman carrying a British man on her back. 1900

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Photographer Mathilda Ranch in her studio in Varberg, Sweden, 1900

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A village priest in Russia, ca. 1900

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New Mexico’s Fairest, Nara Visa, New Mexico

Date: 1900 – 1910?

Negative Number: 158309

Picnic in Jersey, Channel Islands, 1900.


Mulberry Street, New York City, Detroit Publishing Company, 1900



Pile driver “outfit” train, El Paso and Northeastern Railroad

Photographer: Royal A. Prentice

Date: 1900 – 1905?

Negative Number: 101744