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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1903

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Saloon interior, Trinidad, Colorado

Date: ca. 1900-1905
Negative Number 053065

According to a note on the back, the man in overcoat is Manuel C. de Baca Chaves, father of Hilario C. de Baca Chaves of Mora County.

Construction of the Manhattan Bridge New York City Year 1903

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Grand Duchesses Maria, Olga and Tatiana, 1903

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Left to right: Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1899 – 1918)), Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1895 – 1918) and Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897 – 1918), 1903

“[Maria] was constantly held up as an example to her elder sisters. They declared she was a step-sister. Vainly I pointed out that in all fairy tales it was the elder sisters who were step-sisters and the third was the real sister. They would not listen, and shut her out from all their plays. I told them that they could not expect her to stand that kind of treatment, and that some day they would be punished. One day they made a house with chairs at one end of the nursery and shut out poor Maria, telling her she might be the footman, but that she should stay outside. I made another house at the other end for the baby and her, but her eyes always kept traveling to the other end of the room and the attractive play going on there. She suddenly dashed across the room, rushed into the house, dealt each sister a slap in the face, and ran into the next room, coming back dressed in a doll¹s cloak and hat, and with her hands full of small toys. ‘I won’t be a footman, I’ll be the kind, good aunt, who brings presents,’ she said. She then distributed her gifts, kissed her ‘nieces,’ and sat down. The other children looked shamefacedly from one to the other, and then Tanyana [Tatiana] said, ‘We were too cruel to poor little Maria, and she really couldn’t help beating us.’ They had learned their lesson – from that hour they respected her rights in the family.’” – Margaretta Eagar


Hamburg 1903

The Topeka Daily Capital, Kansas, July 19, 1903

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Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1903

The Auditorium of Maecenas

in Rome, Italy, 1903.

Firefighters in Mariestad, Sweden, 1903.

Johnny Crow’s Garden, Leonard Leslie Brooke, 1903

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