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The Atchison Weekly Globe, Kansas, December 23, 1909

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Happy Fourth of July! Here’s a series of weird and hilarious vintage July 4th comic postcards from 1909.

1909 three-wheeled Runabout, the first Morgan’s vehicle.

Robert Peacy when he first reached the north pole. April 6 1909

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Whether he was the first to reach the north pole is disputed.

The first recorded flight of a pig at Leysdown in Kent, England, November 4, 1909.

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An Inuit woman named Nowadluk in Nome, Alaska, ca. 1909

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King Alfonso XIII and Wilbur Wright seated in a Wright airplane, Pau, France 1909

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“First Hungarian Born In Indiana.” South Bend, Indiana, 1909.


Budapest 1909

Alys Elizabeth Carr, 1909

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