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Westmoreland Recorder, Kansas, July 31, 1913

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The Day Book, Chicago, Illinois, August 2, 1913

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NY Female Giants, 1913.

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Found this photo online and thought one person looked really modern for the time so I zoomed in a little. Here’s another one NYFG #2

40 amazing pics show beautiful life of the Midwest in the early 1910s.


Vienna, January 1913. Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito, Freud, Emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Franz Ferdinand lived there.

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First club go-ers ever in history of dance music – Collins Bridge opening to Miami Beach 1913

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Men admiring the Mona Lisa, which was temporarily displayed in the Uffizi. The painting was found in Florence 2 years after having been stolen from the Louvre. 1913. {1024×1309}

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Shipping pinon nuts from Gormley’s General Store, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photographer: Jesse Nusbaum

Date: 1913

Negative Number: 061438

Sain Noyon Khan Nannansuren with his family /Descendant of Chinggis Khan/ Outer Mongolia 1913 /701×696/

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Rita de Acosta Lydig, 1913. Photographed by Adolph de Meyer.