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could not stay back knowing you boys are up here alone, with no one at all to
take care of you

September 1918 – ‘When the word came that the men were about to
move forward for the Saint Mihiel attack, Mrs. Fitzgerald decided to beat her way far beyond Toul, through to the battle line.

It took her five days to get there. It was well over a hundred
kilometres. She carried with her a hundred cartons of cigarettes, a big
boiler full of chocolate powder, a lot of tinned milk, sugar, and a little

the American soldiers on that road knew Mother Fitzgerald well. They remembered her kindness, her canteen, with its rows of canned peaches, its
cookies and candy, its chewing-gum and smokes — remembered her hearty:
“Go take what you want, and make your own change. The cash box is there on
the shelf before you. It’s your own money and your own home, dear — go

“That Damn Y A Record of Overseas

– Photo: September 20 1918,
Bouillonville, Meurthe et Moselle, France, Miss Fitzgerald, American YMCA
volunteer, serving hot chocolates to soldiers. Google map of her journey from her YMCA Hut in Andelot to Bouillonville, FranceThe National WWI Museum and Memorial

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                                                                  In That Little Old Buvette…

“In a little French street wandering from the river to the “gare”,
Is a place they called a “buvette” — what we used to call a bar,
And when your throat is parching and the stuff is hard to get,
Come back, you thirsty soldier, come back
to that buvette!

Can’t you hear the bottles clinking with their wine and Anisette?”

WW1 American ambulance driver’s verse – American Field Service Bulletin – Photo: 1918, French soldiers chillin’
in a buvette in Bar-le-Duc, France.

“Human American Eagle” 12,500 offi…

“Human American Eagle” 12,500 officers, nurses, and men at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia, 1918

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WAR POST OFFICE WHERE ONLY SOLDIERS’ MAIL IS HANDLED. To prevent congestion and to make sure that soldiers’ mail is delivered promptly , the Postal Department has started a War Post Office, which is situated in the Union Station, Washington, D. C. Only Mail for men in the service in cantonments and with the Expeditionary Forces in France is handled here. This Post Office is operated entirely by Limited Service Men. General view of the New Post Office. 9/19/1918

International Film Service, Photographer. File Unit: Military Administration – Field Post Offices, 1917 – 1918Series: American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 – 1918Record Group 165: Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs, 1860 – 1952

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Italian soldiers in a trench on the Alpine fro…

Italian soldiers in a trench on the Alpine front, 1918

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A group of wounded German Army prisoners recei…

A group of wounded German Army prisoners receiving medical attention at first aid station of U.S. 103rd and 104th Ambulance Companies. The Battle of Saint Mihiel, 12 September 1918.

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The 1918 Oregon State Football Team – The firs…

The 1918 Oregon State Football Team – The first team to use the “huddle”

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Funeral of Baron von Richthofen, Bertangles, 2…

Funeral of Baron von Richthofen, Bertangles, 22.4.18. Bringing the coffin into the cemetery. . 1918.

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German fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the “Red Baron,” was shot down and killed over Allied lines on April 21, 1918. Members of the Australian Flying Corps organized a full military funeral for Richthofen on April 22, 1918.



Urinal at Camp Dick, Texas. 1918. [2048×1335]

American built tank called “America”, designed…

American built tank called “America”, designed by Professor E.F. Miller of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1918.

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Tank America was an experimental flame-projecting tank developed by the Americans during World War 1 – it arrived too late to be of use.