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Intimate photos of Harpo Marx at home after filming “A Day at the Races” in 1937.

The Boston Globe, Massachusetts, August 18, 1937

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Joan Crawford playing badminton, 1937.

Do you know how to kiss? Let Carol Hughes and Lee Dixon show you, anyhow!

Two electricians working on the Eiffel Tower, 1937.

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Street musicians, New Orleans, 1937. Photographed by John Gutmann.

People standing by the mural at the Paris International Exposition, 1937. Photographed by Fay Sturtevant Lincoln.

British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1937. The War ended 80 years ago today.

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Rock Island Rockets, streamlined stainless steel passenger trains introduced in 1937, running routes that included Chicago, Minneapolis, Peoria, Des Moines, Kansas City, Denver, Fort Worth, and Houston

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Coal miners’ houses with no windows, East Durham in NE England c.1937 by Bill Brandt.

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