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Ingrid Bergman screaming with laughter as she lies splashed with snow by an unseen playmate during her ski vacation at June Lake resort, 1941. Photographed by Bob Landry.

Crowd waiting at a street corner in Tampa, Florida, 1941. Photographed by Walker Evans.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, 1941. Photographed by John Collier.

Italian soldiers and Askari in East Africa, 1941.

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From Archivio Centrale dello Stato (State Central Archive).

German officers and cadets attend a Christmas party in Munich, December 18, 1941.

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Locals watch as German sailors exercise on a Helsinki beach, Hietaniemi, July 17 1941

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier after visiting a London theatre to see a revival of ‘Dear Brutus,’ 1941. Photographed by George Hales.

Winston Churchill with Provost Richard Howard and Mayor Alfred Robert Grindlay in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, September 1941

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Swedish Volunteer Battalion in a trench during The Continuation War, 1941

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On April1941, Nazi Germany invaded Kingdom of Yugoslavia. First act of the war was indiscriminate bombing of Belgrade. Pictured here is the dome of the old Royal Palace in downtown Belgrade, which was one of the main targets of Luftwaffe bombers.

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