Category: 1948

Two priests looking over a wall at a view of Monte Carlo, Monaco, August 1948. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

Laurence Olivier in ‘Hamlet,’ 1948.

The world’s smoothest-looking classic car: a looking back on the 1948 Norman Timbs Buick Streamliner.

A couple on their honeymoon look out over a lake in Switzerland, June 26, 1948. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

Couple at cafe, Stockholm, Sweden, December 29, 1948. Photographed by K.W. Gullers.

Frog-Hopping Gravestones, Glasgow, 1948. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

Réunion de chats, 1948. Photographed by Édouard Boubat.

Georgia O’Keefee, Abiquiu, New Mexico. 1948. Photographed by Philippe Halsman.

Breathtaking color photographs captured everyday life at New York’s Coney Island in the heat of 1948.

Girls make the finishing touches to one another’s costumes before the night’s performance with one of France’s most famous revue dance-teams, the Ballet Avila, in a show at Alexandra Palace in London, July 31, 1948. Photographed by Bert Hardy.