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Attendants packing up some of the 3000 human skulls to be transferred to the Natural History Museum in London, 1948.

Lithuanian resistance fighters, also known as Forest brothers on a look out for soviet soldiers, circa 1948.

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Central Avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Creator: New Mexico Tourism Bureau
Date: 1948
Negative Number HP.2007.20.437

Manhattan, 1948.

Punch magazine, England, December 1, 1948

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Bob Hope and Doris Day with Santa in Hollywood, 1948

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The story is that this was taken at the Hollywood Christmas Parade, before they traveled to Berlin to entertain GIs.

Santa visiting the Palmyra Atoll in 1948

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Sourced from the collection here. Families of the CAA (forerunner to the FAA) colony, who lived on Palmyra from 1947 to 1948, celebrating Christmas together at a holiday pageant including a visit from Santa. They occupied the facilities left behind by the Navy after WW2, turning them into civilian resources such as laundromats and schools. The man in the Santa suit is likely Otto Hornung.

Showgirls at the Copacabana Club – 1948 / Photograph by Stanley Kubrick

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Attendants from the Royal College Of Surgeons packing up human skulls to send to the Natural History Museum, London, England, July 1, 1948

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UnionSquare from the window of Ohrbach’s, New York City, ca. 1948. Photograph by Louis Faurer.

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