Category: 1949

Dancers work the floor to the sound of Humphrey Lyttelton and his New Orleans-style jazz band at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London, November 1949. Photographed by Charles Hewitt.

Teenage boys hangout on stoop of local store front, 1949. Photographed by Gordon Parks-LIFE.

Ridiculously interesting photos of Pablo Picasso in minotaur mask, Côte d’Azur, 1949.

Hop pickers working at Goudhurst in Kent escape from the farm to a quiet spot and find time for a little romance, 1949. Photographed by Charles Hewitt.

Lauren Bacall during the filming of ‘Young Man With a Horn,’ October 11, 1949.

A man standing in an illuminated arch and lighting a cigarette at Bredgränd in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, 1949. Photographed by K.W. Gullers.

Billie Holiday, New York City, 1949. Photographed by Herman Leonard.

Photos of Marlon Brando preparing for his screen debut ‘The Men’ in 1949.

Cable car riders, 1949. Photographed by Fred Lyon.

Coney Island, NY, July 4, 1949. Photographed by Andreas Feininger.