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Florida, April 7, 1960. Photographed by Vivian Maier.

People from the street stopping by a TV store in Italy to watch the 1960 Olympics

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Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway, May 1960

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Belka, a Soviet dog who went to space in the Sputnik 5. She returned to Earth safely. August 1960.

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27 fun and romantic photos of Jane Fonda and Anthony Perkins on the set of their 1960 film “Tall Story”.

Enjoying the sunlight, Hastings, 1960.


Girls playing on swings, Saint Vincent’s Home for Girls, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photographer: Bob LaRouche

Date: 1960

Negative Number: 010208

Anthony Perkins cleaning his 1957 Ford Thunderbird, 1960. Photographed by Sid Avery.


Kees Scherer. London. 1960s


Boy Scouts at Philmont Ranch,  Cimarron, New Mexico

Creator: New Mexico Tourist Bureau

Date: 1960?

Negative Number: HP.2007.20.1028