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Beautiful photos of Mick Jagger and Bianca Perez-Mora Macias on their wedding day in 1971.

45 color pics capture street scenes of Istanbul in the early 1970s.

On December 26, 1971, fifteen Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) activists barricaded and occupied the Statue of Liberty for two days to bring attention to their cause. Simultaneous protests took place at other sites across the country, such as the historic Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia (for 45 minutes) and Travis Air Force Base in California (for 12 hours). VVAW members in California also briefly occupied the South Vietnam Government consulate in San Francisco.

40 beautiful photos that capture everyday life of Crete, Greek island in 1971.

British soldiers beat a teenager after shooting dead 11 unarmed Catholic civilians during the Ballymurphy Massacre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 11 August 1971

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Philippe Petit walking a tightrope between the towers of Notre Dame, Paris, June 26, 1971

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Metro worker, Paris, 1971. Photographed by Dave Glass.

Metro worker, Paris, 1971. Photographed by Dave Glass.

Incredible photographs captured Philippe Petit walking on a wire between the two towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1971.


4/12/1971 First Daughter Tricia Nixon hosted the White House Easter Egg Roll.
Sunny, warm weather was a welcome change from the previous year. About a dozen kids attempted to roll Easter eggs down the slope without breaking them.
It was reported the winning egg was actually a painted rock.
We do not know if the rock was disqualified.
(WHPO-6024-04, 6022-12 & 6025-30)