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33 amazing photos capture street scenes of Glasgow in 1982.

Photos of gay activists protesting outside Trump Tower for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS in 1989.

20 beautiful photos of Rick James and Linda Blair in their early dating days in 1982.

Casino gambling, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1982. Photographed by Leonard Freed.

The ARA General Belgrano of the Argentine Navy, a survivor of Pearl Harbor that was sunk on this day by HMS Conqueror, Falkands War, 1982

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On this day, 26 April 1982, the trial of the Bradford 12 began at Leeds Crown Court. The 12 were activists of the United Black Youth League, arrested on conspiracy charges for preparing to defend their community from fascists. The trial lasted nine weeks with the defense taking the surprising decision to put forward the case that because the police had failed to defend Asian and Afro-Caribbean people in Britain from racist attacks, then those communities had the right to take action in self-defense. Amazingly, the 12 were all acquitted. Read the incredible history of the Bradford 12 here:

Northrop Tacit Blue Whale, flown 1982-85 from Area 51, declassified in 1996, link in comments

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“The Yomper”: British Royal Marines entering Port Stanley at the close of the Falklands War, after marching 56 miles in 3 days, June 1982

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U.S. President Ronald Reagan meets with a group of Afghan mujaheddin in White House to discuss Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan, especially the September 1982 massacre of 105 Afghan villagers in Lowgar Province. 1980s

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Members of the gang “The Vikings” dancing in La Villette, Paris, France in 1982

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