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“Golimar” – This Indian version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is definitely not what you expected

Photos of Cher and Tom Cruise during their dating days in 1985.

The weirdest car ad ever: Watch Grace Jones’ “banned” Citroën CX commercial, 1985.

Subway, New York, 1985. Photographed by Janet Delaney.

Beautiful found photos show a couple’s wedding in Cranfield, England from the mid-1980s.


Aerial view of Bisti Badlands, McKinley County, New Mexico

Photographer: Michael Heller
Date: 1985?
Negative Number: HP.2014.14.132
From The Santa Fe New Mexican Collection

Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatsjov talk together for the first time, 1985

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Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan during the “We Are the World” recording session, 1985, Hollywood

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33 beautiful color snapshots that capture street scenes of San Francisco in 1985.

Prince Charles dancing Ukrainian national Hopak dance, 1985

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