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Photos of gay activists protesting outside Trump Tower for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS in 1989.

Photos of American actress and model Robin Givens with fellow actor Brad Pitt in 1989.

Eiffel tower 100th anniversary, Paris, France, 1989. Photographed by Elliott Erwitt.

Eiffel tower 100th anniversary, Paris, France, 1989. Photographed by Elliott Erwitt.


Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 – today is Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity or German Reunification Day). It’s Germany’s national day, celebrated annually on 3 October as a public holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of the German Reunification, which was formally completed in 1990, when the goal of a united Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled again. The name thus addresses neither the re-union nor the union, but the unity of Germany.

Tanks on the streets of Bucharest during the Romanian revolution, 1989

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A young Afghan boy observing an unexploded bomb dropped by Russian forces in the Soviet Afghan War, July 1989

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The original photo can be found here:

I restored the photo myself in photoshop, comparison here for those interested:

This image is part of a massive collection of photos from the Soviet Afghan War, many taken from the perspective of the Mujaheddin. The collection can be found in it’s entirety (40,000+ photos) here: (Warning, Gore)

EDIT: Correction, this is a rocket, not a bomb.


The Aftermath Of The Tiananmen Square Massacre, 4 June 1989


Romanian Revolution (December 1989):

  1. An
    anti-Communist civilian fighter, armed with a Kalashnikov AK-47,
    chases the supposedly Securitate secret police agents loyal to the
    communist regime.
  2. A group of
    anti-Communist civilian fighters, and a a Romanian soldier supporting
    them, shelter behind an armoured personnel carrier from sniper fire,
    shot by the supposedly Securitate secret police agents.

Fall of the berlin wall, Berlin November 9, 1989

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