Category: acoma


“Locomotive Cliff” on the road to Acoma

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1880 – 1890?
Negative Number 016028


Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

Creator: New Mexico State Tourist Bureau

Date: 1948?

Negative Number: 044198


Mother and daughters, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

Photographer: Charles F. Lummis
Date: ca. 1898?
Negative Number 002030


Young boy running, Acoma Pueblo

Date: ca. 1920?
From the Theodore J. Asplund collection, Negative Number 002059


Man by pond with Acoma Pueblo mesa in background, New Mexico

Photographer: Bennett and Brown
Date: 1880 – 1882
Negative Number 055778


Lantern slide, Pueblo scene

Creator: Frasher’s
Negative Number LS.1698

This is a composite image, probably made late 1920s, early 1930s. Loosely based on Acoma Pueblo, this scene did not happen at any time or any place. Kinda trippy. 


San Estevan del Rey Mission Church at Acoma Pueblo

Photographer: Wyatt Davis
Negative Number 003046


Mission church at Acoma Pueblo

Creator: New Mexico Magazine
Date: 1939
Negative Number HP.2007.20.91