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Life of African-Americans during WWII through stunning color photos.

National Guardsmen questioning an African American during the riots that traumatized Chicago in late July, 1919

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Mabel Taylor photographed by Joseph J Pennell, Kansas, 1919

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The only known photograph of an African American Union soldier with his family, circa 1863

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Cool groovy pair. (undated)

A platoon of African American troops surrounds a farmhouse near Vierville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France, as it prepares to eliminate a German sniper holding up the U.S. advance from the Omaha beachhead. June 10, 1944.

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Florence Mills, 1926

Ebony magazine, January 1960

The Minneapolis Star, Minnesota, August 25, 1947

Air Force Maj. Robert H. Lawrence Jr. the first African American chosen to be an astronaut, ca.1967

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Born in Chicago on October 2, 1935, Lawrence graduated from high school at 16, earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Bradley University at age 20 and became an Air Force officer and pilot. Lawrence was a highly accomplished pilot with 2,500 flying hours, 2,000 in jets, and earned a PhD in physical chemistry from The Ohio State University in 1965, the only selected MOL astronaut with a doctorate. He completed US Air Force Test Pilot School in June 1967 and was immediately assigned to the MOL Program. While serving as an instructor for another pilot practicing landing techniques later used in the Space Shuttle program, Lawrence perished in a crash of an F-104 Starfighter supersonic jet on December 8, 1967, at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. NASA