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Here’s the only known photo of Albert Einstein with his energy-mass equation, 1934.

Portrait of Albert Einstein at age of 68, photo captured in 1947

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Albert Einstein meets Charlie Chaplin Circa 1931

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Albert Einstein’s office on the day he died – April 18, 1955

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Life Magazine, 1921

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Albert Einstein and his sister, Maria, at the World’s Fair; 1939

This photo was taken shortly after Maria “Maja” Einstein immigrated to the United States from Italy, fleeing Italy’s newly enacted anti-Semitic laws.

Albert Einstein with J. Robert Oppenheimer, c. 1950

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Albert Einstein and Luigi Pirandello meet in New York, 1935

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Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin attend the premiere of City Lights together in Los Angeles, 2 February 1931

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Albert Einstein waving from train, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Date: March 1, 1931
Negative Number 131333

Group on back platform of the AT&SF Grand Canyon Limited train include (L to R): Mrs. Albert Einstein, Dr. Albert Einstein, Fräulein Dukas, Dr. Walter Mayer