Category: beach

A man with a dog on the Paraggi beach near Portofino, August 1952. Photographed by Thurston Hopkins.

Ridiculously interesting photos of Pablo Picasso in minotaur mask, Côte d’Azur, 1949.

A dog sitting in a car on the beach of Jekyll Island, Georgia, 1940. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

Candid photographs of teenage girls at Texas beaches during the 1980s.

A group of guys and gals and their surfboards gather round an old Ford Mustang on the beach, 1964. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

Heatwave, Santa Monica Beach, California, 1956.

Coney Island, NY, July 4, 1949. Photographed by Andreas Feininger.

Portraits of swimming star Annette Kellermann, who was arrested on Revere Beach for wearing a one-piece swimsuit in 1907.

Ocean Park, Santa Monica, 1916.

Nostalgic photos of American teenage girls at Texas beaches during the 1980s.