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Ancient Mayans Were Beekeepers

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Nakum in northeastern Guatemala recently made a big discovery. Beneath a vast ritual platform dating from around 100 BCE to 300 CE they discovered a foot-long, barrel-shaped ceramic tube with covers at each end.

It is nearly identical to wooden beehives still made from hollow logs by Maya living in the region today. Their discovery is the only known Maya beehive. Since most beehives would probably have been wooden, they probably would not have survived.

Curious Facts for Curious People

The Press Herald, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, March 27, 1936


  • It takes the average man eleven minutes to find what he wants in a medicine cabinet.
  • The male bee is quite irresponsible and cannot be trusted in matters of great importance.
  • There are 45,679,345 types of floor lamps east of the Mississippi alone.
  • Teething babies should never be fed hot chestnuts or corn on the cob.
  • The caloric content of toothpicks is very low.
  • Polar bears make poor house pets.

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pogphotoarchives:Beekeepers in the Rincon Valley near Hatch, New…


Beekeepers in the Rincon Valley near Hatch, New Mexico

Photographer: John Leisk Tait
Date: 1930?
Negative Number 005059