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In 1959, Swedish bandy players abandoned the Forsbacka vs Köping game early in the 2nd half, after the ice broke beneath them. (Bandy is a form of hockey with 11 players and a round ball.) The winter had been unusually warm and over 20 bandy games at already been cancelled as most were still being played on frozen lakes. After this season, bandy began shifting towards indoor rinks.

Dancers perform a Lakhon play. This is a Thai genre of dance-drama, where stories are told through dance. Lakhons may illustrate the Hindu epic Ramakien,
the stories of the Hindu god Krishna, ancient Buddhist Jataka stories, or folk-tales.

My favorite detail is the lady sharing a smile with the child. My second favorite detail is the stuffed pig, perched in the child’s lap.

If anyone knows the streets, or what the shops are, please get in touch! I’m very curious

As you probably guessed, the dress code forbade girls from wearing slacks.

Family in automobile at the 1st Annual Car Show in Madison Square Garden. New York City, November 3, 1900

During Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1920s, hyperinflation made paper money so devalued that some enterprising boys made kites out of what would otherwise be worthless paper!

U. S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, 1957. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

A woman walks her pet chicken up the subway stairs, Paris, France, 1956. Photographed by Nina Leen-LIFE.

Policeman and a child at Danbury State Fair, Danbury, Connecticut, October 1963. Photographed by Ronald Reis.