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During Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1920s, hyperinflation made paper money so devalued that some enterprising boys made kites out of what would otherwise be worthless paper!

U. S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, 1957. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

A woman walks her pet chicken up the subway stairs, Paris, France, 1956. Photographed by Nina Leen-LIFE.

Policeman and a child at Danbury State Fair, Danbury, Connecticut, October 1963. Photographed by Ronald Reis.

Three teenage boys on a street corner, Liverpool Slums, London, November 1956. Photographed by Thurston Hopkins.

A dapper group of young gentlemen at the races, London, May 1926.

China dates: Lovely photos of a beautiful girl taken by her boyfriend in Shanghai from the late 1940s.

New York, 1954. Photographed by Vivian Maier.

Benny at Division and Grand, Chicago, 1966. Photographed by Danny Lyon.

Steve Nicks in New Haven, 1975. Photographed by Fin Costello.