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IN Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction, you’ll find fast and fun answers to all your secret questions about Medieval Europe, from eating and drinking to sex and love. 

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Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses by James Joyce, 1955. Photographed by Eve Arnold.

MANY thanks to Jeffry Kieffer for using our image of the tholos tomb at Mycenae in his fascinating new book The Evolution of a Building Complex (published by Artifice Press.)   

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25 unintentionally funny and weird comic strip panels from the past.

Book lover, 1902.


NO city on earth has preserved its past quite like Rome. Visitors stand on bridges that were crossed by Julius Caesar and Cicero, walk around temples visited by Roman emperors, and step into churches that have hardly changed since popes celebrated mass in them 16 centuries ago. These architectural survivals are all the more remarkable considering the violent disasters that have struck the city. In this exclusive interview, Ancient History Encyclopedia’s James Blake Wiener quizzes Matthew Kneale, author of Rome: A History in Seven Sackings, on the fierce courage, panache, and vitality of the Roman people across space and time.

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Cricket man and book woman, 1890s.

Young Gordon deep in his book, 1910s.

Epic book about renovation and history of the Volkswagen Beetle from 1941.