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The Boston Globe, Massachusetts, August 23, 1933

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The Boston Globe, Massachusetts, August 18, 1937

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Boston, 1939.

Race organizers stopping Katherine Switzer from competing in the Boston marathon, the first women to finish the race, 1967.

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Boston and Maine Railroad depot, Salem, Massachusetts ca 1910. Close-ups in comments

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Detroit Publishing Co.
Original for comparison:

A frigid morning in Salem. The photo was taken approximately here
, the train station is no longer standing, and the railway crosses underneath in a tunnel.

Close-up of far street. It’s so cold, even the horses are wearing blankets.

Beyond there’s a shoeshining shop (SALEM SHOE SHINING PARLOR), a cafe (WITCH CITY CAFE), and a barber shop. What did the inside of the cafe look like, did they decorate it in pagan ways? Witches are a part of the town’s identity since the 1600s when the Salem Witch Trials took place, and today ‘witch tourism’ is one of Salem’s largest incomes.

Close-up of drug store.
On top of the roof there’s a giant advertisement, urging people to buy labor union approved cigars.

In the corner we see a US Mail post man and his horse delivering mail to its destination.

Some wooden boxes in front of the store are advertising Schrafft’s Chocolates, “Daintiest of dainty sweets!” Schrafft’s was a popular candy, chocolate and cake company.

I have to say while I was colorizing this I had no idea what Schrafft’s was and had difficulty making out what the company name on the wooden boxes and spent ages googling pieces of the name “S…t’s” before finally finding some references on ebay of all places. But then as I was watching Mad Men while colorizing this, Schrafft’s appeared! Pete bought his wife chocolates for Valentine’s day: I just found it to be an odd coincidence. 🙂

You can hint a Coca-Cola sign above the door, and a sign shaped like a bottle on the door itself.

Close-up of train station The train station agents are waving their flags to let the train conductor through with his locomotive, and to let the people know it’s not safe to cross. You can see a woman waiting for the train to pass. Inside the station there’s a throng of people getting off the train. Perhaps they’ve just been commuting from Boston and arrived to work. Or in the chance that this photo was taken in the evening, they have just arrived home.

I loved coloring this one and hope some locals can tell us more about historical tidbits from this time and place.

Thank you!

Milestone, ‘Boston / 8 Miles / 1734,’ ca. 1890

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Re-enactment photo of the first public demonstration of anesthesia in the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston on October 16, 1846.

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The Boston Globe, Massachusetts, February 6, 1959

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Bromfield Street, Boston – ca. 1908

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Boston Post, Massachusetts, October 4, 1836

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