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20 haunting photographs of the Hell of Serra Pelada mines in the 1980s.

On June 14, 1825, the Brazilian province of Cisplatina illegally formed a provisional government On August 25, 1825, Cisplatina’s newly-elected assembly voted to secede from Brazil. This started the Cisplatine War, which ended with the Treat of Montevideo in 1828. Cisplatina was now the independent nation of Uruguay.

Transvestites at carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1980. Photographed by Bruno Barbey.

Known by various names – the Pomeranian War (Sweden), the Third Carnatic War (India), the French and Indian War (USA), La guerre de la Conquête (Quebec) – it involved all the major European powers and spanned five continent. Which is why the conflict is sometimes called “World War Zero.”

Candangos, migrant workers from other regions of the country, rest during the construction of the city of Brasilia, Brazil, 1960.

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Brazilian player Garrincha holding a trophy after Brazil’s triumph over Czechoslovakia in the World Cup final, 1962

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This image has been circulated a lot in poorer quality for possibly showing a time traveler taking a picture with a cell phone, however, in this quality, you can clearly see that it’s a box camera just like the other ones in the picture.

Theodore Roosevelt about to begin an exploration of the previously unknown River of Doubt with famed Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon, Matto Grosso, Brazil, 1913.

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This fresco was found in Pompeii, with its colors amazingly preserved.

It survived a volcanic eruption by almost two thousand years. But it was destroyed by the recent fire at Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro.