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The Watchers, Avenida 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, 1962. Photographed by André Kertész.

The balloon seller, Buenos Aires, 1921. Photographed by Newton W. Gulick.

Fascinating color pictures that show bus system of Buenos Aires in 1980.


River Plate Stadium. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Circa 1925.[2048×1331]

Graf Zeppelin flying over Buenos Aires, June 1934

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Plaza de la Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1854

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OUR Co-founder and Communications Director, James Blake Wiener, will be joining the Humanidades Digitales CAICYT in Argentina on Friday, June 16, to talk about the usefulness of data and research, and the reasons why digital cultural heritage is crucial to understanding the world we live in. We would love for our followers in Argentina to come along! 

A Family From Buenos Aires, Argentina: Lovely story through found photos in the early 20th century.