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Ingrid Bergman taking a photograph in a break from filming ‘Visit to Italy’, in Naples, May 30, 1953. Photographed by Bert Hardy.


Group of women with umbrellas and camera

From the Norma Day collection

Date: ca. 1900-1915

Negative Number: 000635


Photographer with camera near Las Vegas, New Mexico

Creator: Rex Studio
Date: ca. 1910?
Negative Number 070835

The photographer, 1925.

“May Sylvester, Yosemite, Cal.” 1910s.

Selfie with “The Brick” Argus C3.

Berlin, 1930s.

The Marsh-Girvin camera store at 712 Market Street, San Francisco.

Neat for the shot, 1940s.

Old lady posing with camera in Shawnee, Oklahoma, 1930s.