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Ottawa farmer’s market, Ontario, 1961.

The latest paleontology news about prehistoric animals

Toronto, Ontario, September 1961.

Taxi driver, Flin Flon, Manitoba, June 28, 1956.

Several unassuming rock walls along the shore of Quadra Island, in Canada’s British Columbia, are actually the ruins of ancient clam gardens constructed by First Nations peoples thousands of years ago. The walls were erected within intertidal zones to create sandy terraces. These are ideal habitats for shellfish such as littleneck and butter clams. In some cases, the rock walls improved the productivity of natural clam beaches, and in others, the rocks walls created shellfish habitats from scratch.

Radiocarbon dating of organic material sampled from one wall indicates it was built nearly 3,500 years ago, making it the oldest known aquaculture system of its kind.

In one day in 1858, the time it took information to cross the Atlantic went from weeks to seconds. The first transatlantic telegraph line had been laid. And a new era was born.

Rare photographs of the construction of Habitat 67, the most recognizable and spectacular building in Montreal, Canada.

Women Training with Rifles in Case They Need to Defend Their Homes during WWI in Toronto, Canada, 1915

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Members of the Riley Park Gang in Vancouver, Canada the early 1970s

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Art students painting hoodoos, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1957.