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The destruction of the city of Köln in 1945, Germany. What remains is the Cathedral

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The Cologne Cathedral stands amidst the ruins of the city after Allied bombings . The cathedral suffered fourteen direct hits by aerial bombs during the war but did not collapse.

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Here’s the earliest sound footage of Paris showing street traffic outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral on October 21, 1928. This was shot with Movietone sound cameras.

A cathedral that defined a city: 20 rare photographs of Notre Dame from the 19th century.

A shot from atop Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning during game 7 of the 1960 World Series. Taken moments after the Pirates defeated the Yankees with a walk off home run by Bill Mazeroski.

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Reims Cathedral, France, 1938.

The Black Gate looking northward to the Cathedral church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle, England, ca. 1886.

Interior St Paul’s Cathedral in London, England, circa 1973.


View of Santa Fe showing Saint Vincent’s Hospital, St. Francis Cathedral and courthouse, New Mexico

Photographer: Dana B. Chase
Date: ca. 1887 – 1890
Negative Number 010016


THE ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral are located on a flat plain within the Ararat Plateau between the cities of Yerevan and Etchmiadzin in Armenia’s Armavir province near Zvartnots International Airport. Built in the middle of the 7th century CE, under the instructions of the Catholicos Nerses III (r. 641-661 CE), Zvartnots is the oldest and largest aisled tetraconch church in historical Armenia. Its design strongly influenced later constructions of other Armenian churches with central-domed cross-halls, leaving an enduring architectural and artistic mark in what is present-day Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and eastern Turkey.

Although largely destroyed in an earthquake in the 10th century CE, Zvartnots Cathedral was excavated and rediscovered between 1900-1907 CE. It was partially reconstructed in the 1940s CE – based on the research of the Armenian architectural historian Toros Toramanian (1864-1934 CE) – and Zvartnots’ ruins can be visited today. UNESCO added the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral to its World Heritage List in 2000 CE.

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