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Here’s the earliest sound footage of Paris showing street traffic outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral on October 21, 1928. This was shot with Movietone sound cameras.

A cathedral that defined a city: 20 rare photographs of Notre Dame from the 19th century.


Church in Elizabethtown, New Mexico

Photographer: Tyler Dingee

Date: 1940 – 1950?

Negative Number: 074107

Silent ‘Grand Schema’ Monks of the Russian Orthodox Church, Balaam Monastery, Russisan Karelia 1888

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Brading, Isle of Wight, 1904.

Dressing up for church, Brooklyn.

Church group outing, 1900s.

Grote Kerksbuurt street in Dordrecht, Netherlands, 1928.


Stacks of hay near church in Penasco, New Mexico

Creator: New Mexico Tourism Bureau
Date: 1950?
Negative Number HP.2007.20.912

St Andrew’s Church in Kalchreuth, Bavaria, Germany, May 1917.