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Policeman and a child at Danbury State Fair, Danbury, Connecticut, October 1963. Photographed by Ronald Reis.

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac performs live on stage at Yale Coliseum in New Haven, Connecticut, November 1975. Photographed by Fin Costello.

Forward torpedo tubes of Gato-class submarine USS Cero , during a simulated torpedo attack, while at the Groton, Connecticut, Submarine Base in August 1943. Photographed by Lieutenant Commander Charles Jacobs,

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Members of the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, Connecticut, May 20, 1941

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The Bridgeport Post, Connecticut, October 2, 1957

The post C’mon, Santa appeared first on Yesterday's Print.

The Bridgeport Telegram, Connecticut, September 23, 1954

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Hartford Courant, Connecticut, March 9, 1906

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Opening day of a store in Willimantic, Connecticut. (unknown date)

The Evening Star, Independence, Kansas, August 20, 1904

Hartford Courant, Connecticut, August 1, 1937