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It’s a rooster! German, circa 1530 CE

Adolf Hitler and other senior German staff on the aft deck of German cruiser Deutschland, beneath her 28.3cm guns, April 1934

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Archaeologists were very excited by a recent discovery in the heart of modern Berlin, found during construction of a parking garage. A church, a grave yard with skeletons, a school, and a cellar were found.

The cellar sounds the least exciting, but it recently became the prize find when its oak beams were dated for the first time.

Berlin has previously been dated as far back as 1237, using Catholic Church records, the helpful friend of every Medievalist.

The beams were cut in 1192. That’s a full forty year earlier than our earliest records of Berlin!

Baltic-German mathematician Theodor Molien was fluent in German, Estonian, French, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Norwegian.  “Read a hundred novels in a language,” he liked to say, “and you will know that language.”

Deutschland-class Pre-Dreadnoughts sail in a line, 1908

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Did you know the waltz was once considered a scandalous craze? Dances before it had been precisely choreographed things, which kept men and women at arm’s length and the most a couple might do was hold hands. Then suddenly the waltz appears in the late 1700s. Couples could get close, even putting their arms around each other! So shocking! And of course, it was insanely popular with young people. 

Madame de Genlis, a royal French governess, said the waltz caused women to lose their virtue. “A young woman, lightly dressed, throws herself into the arms of a young man. He presses her to his chest and conquers her with such impetuosity that she soon feels her heart beat violently as her head giddily swims!” The waltz, M. de Genlis said, could corrupt any honest young woman who danced it.

It sounds silly today. But people were really worried that waltzing was corrupting the youth. Rather like with some modern dance crazes…