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Vintage photos of Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor on their wedding day in Las Vegas in 1959.

“The truth is now I don’t give a damn about most of those men. Richard is
the only one I truly loved and still care about. I shall miss him until
the day I die.”

– Elizabeth Taylor. The passionate but turbulent romance of Liz & Dick through photos.

A look back at the star-studded Hollywood premiere of ‘A Star Is Born’ in 1954.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of ‘Cleopatra,’ 1962. Photographed by Paul Schutzer.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing a chador at the Shah Cheragh Shrine, Shiraz, 1976. Photographed by  Firooz Zahedi.

Elizabeth Taylor ruffling Liza Todd’s hair during a break in the filming of ‘Cleopatra,’ 1962. Photographed by Paul Schutzer.

Timeless beauty: Stunning photos of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1980s and 1990s.

42 glamorous pictures that capture Elizabeth Taylor while filming ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ in 1958.

Behind-the-scenes pictures of Elizabeth Taylor on the set of ‘Suddenly, Last Summer’ (1959).

Elizabeth Taylor and friend, 1953