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Silhouettes of father and sons on a bayou in Louisiana, circa 1950. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

“The light has gone out of my life” – Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry on the day both his wife and mother died, 1884.

A Native American woman and her two children at the camp grounds during the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup, New Mexico, 1940. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

Picnic in Central Park, New York, 1984. Photographed by Frank Horvat.

The Hoard family poses with the animals, which include dogs, cats, geese, and horses, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1956. Photographed by Nina Leen-LIFE.

Amazing colorized photos show life of an Edwardian family in the early 1910s.

Family enjoying beside lake, 1960s. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

Amazing color photos document everyday life of an American family in the mid-1950s.

Family picnic on the Via Appia, Italy, 1947. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, 1963. Photographed by Philippe Halsman.