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Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Hawaii, March 28, 1935

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An amazing recent fossil discovery: a whole school of fish! A single slab of limestone from the Green River Formation in North America contained 259 fish of the extinct Erismatopterus levatus species. They lived between 56 to 34 million years ago.

The discovery is exciting because it is a rare case of fossils demonstrating behavior – in this case, that fish have gathered into shoals for millions of years.

Tuna fishing, Sicily, Italy, 1975. Photographed by Leonard Freed.





The Winnipeg Tribune, Manitoba, November 11, 1933

After 17 days, Sam Dunton, official photographer of New York’s aquarium, has the goods on Cha and Hotcha, the kissing gouramis. And are they in deep water! The scandalous going-ons were revealed when the two small fish, newly arrived from Holland, were placed on exhibition. First a woman tittered. Then a little boy said: “Hey, Ma, just like Mae West.” But when Sam Dunton decided to snap the loving pair for the aquarium publication, Cha and Hotcha didn’t bite. That is – not for 17 days – until Mr. Duton caught them making up one a big scale after a lover’s quarrel, as shown above.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, October 1, 1939

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Searle’s Cats, Ronald Searle, 1968

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, March 6, 1960

The Miami News, Florida, June 20, 1962

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Hawaii, July 10, 1943

The Sketch, England, December 2, 1932