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“The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables” – 1975 educational film on sex education for mentally handicapped people.

Jan Švankmajer’s Food Trilogy (1992)

Here’s the earliest sound footage of Paris showing street traffic outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral on October 21, 1928. This was shot with Movietone sound cameras.

The May Irwin Kiss: The Very First Kiss on Film (1896)

Unique footage and behind the scenes photos show Freddie Mercury in the rehearsal of the “I’m Going Slightly Mad” music video.

Short Edison film featuring Native American Indian dancers from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. The first appearance of Native Americans on film.

Sketchpad 1963: This amazing footage shows what CAD looked like 55 years ago!

Unedited Star Wars cantina scene

German prisoners react to footage of Nazi concentration camps

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The earliest female boxing movie: ‘The Gordon Sisters Boxing’ by Thomas A. Edison, 1906.