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A group of friends enjoy a day outdoors with their automobiles, a Lark Daytona, a Wagonaire, and a Skytopare, are parked in the foreground in Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, CA, 1962. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

Picnic fun, 1960s. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

A group of guys and gals and their surfboards gather round an old Ford Mustang on the beach, 1964. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

Friends outing, Naples, Italy, July 1956. Photographed by Victor Padolfi.

Men having fun, circa 1934.

Picnic in Jersey, Channel Islands, 1900.

Snowball fight, 1920s.

Boredom, 1869.

Teenagers hanging out on street, 1940s.

20 vintage photos show how we used to “unfriend” people back then.