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INTRODUCING: Imperiums: Greek Wars, a historical 4X turn-based strategy game set in the time of Philip II of Macedon. Explore the ancient world and open it up to your people. Survive, expand, conquer… and win!


Chalk games, 1950. Photographed by Arthur Leipzig.

Croquet game, Whittier, California, 1920.

Checkers in rocking chairs, 1900s.


Game boards for ludus
duodecim scriptorum or XII scripta – a very popular game from the Roman Republic to the Empire

Roman, 500 BC to AD 500

Young cricketers, 1890s.

Game night, April 1968.

See original graph paper sketches that became ‘Super Mario Bros.’

The Nazi board games of World War II

Jane Austen was very good at, and loved, a ball game called bilbocatch. It involves a wooden cup with a handle, and a small ball attached to the cup by a string. To play, the player tosses the ball and catches it in the cup. Jane could – allegedly – catch the ball more than 100 times in succession.