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INTRODUCING: Imperiums: Greek Wars, a historical 4X turn-based strategy game set in the time of Philip II of Macedon. Explore the ancient world and open it up to your people. Survive, expand, conquer… and win!


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20 vintage photographs of people with their Commodore 64, one of the most beloved home computers of all time.

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A survey of cube-shaped dice dating back to the Roman era finds that they were not designed to have an equal chance of landing on different numbers until the Renaissance, according to researchers from UC Davis and the American Museum of Natural History. Roman-era dice, the researchers found, were a mess when it came to shape. They were made from a variety of materials, such as metal, bone and clay, and no two were shaped entirely alike. Many were visibly lumpy and lopsided, with the 1 and 6 on opposite sides that were more likely to roll up.

In the Dark Ages after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, between 400 CE and 1100 CE, dice seem to have grown rare. Relatively few have been found from this period. Dice reemerged in the Middle Ages, and at that point were a little more regular in shape. But they still weren’t fair – anyone playing dice would have had slightly higher chances of getting certain numbers, depending on uneven the dice were made.

The researchers suggest that the popularization of “scientific” thinking may have helped dice rolls become near-chance during the Renaissance. “People like Galileo and Blaise Pascal were developing ideas about chance and probability, and we know from written records in some cases they were actually consulting with gamblers,” Jelmer Eerkens of UC Davis said. “We think users of dice also adopted new ideas about fairness, and chance or probability in games.”

The High Jump, The Olympic Games. London. 1908.

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Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided is here! Check out the exciting trailer. 

Lithuania’s Dream Team at 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

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For the last six years, all Armenian kids have been playing Chess as part of the curriculum. Proponents say it builds character, improves cognitive abilities – and of course, its fun! Armenia’s chess program has been a success story that Spain followed suit in 2015.