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Color photos of Peter ‘Marilyn’ Robinson in the 1980s.

Rock Hudson, Hollywood heartthrob and a “gentle giant,” through the years.

Gay liberation movement in Central Park, NYC, 1970. Photographed by Leonard Freed.

Lovers at the beach, May 1973.

By the 1300s, Japanese samurai had started taking their proteges as lovers. Usually, this was an older man with a younger boy. It was so common that one samurai said, “A young man without a pledged, elder he-lover is likened to a young girl without a fiance.”

Same-age male love was normal, too. A pair of aging male lovers, they said, were like “two old cherry trees still in bloom.”

Richard Colley – Life story of a British gay from the 1920s and 1930s through amazing pics.

The Brockway Record, Pennsylvania, February 3, 1933

The Vernon Daily Record, Texas, October 14, 1954

The Washington Times, Washington DC, June 12, 1909


Portrait of artist Cady Wells

Photographer: John Candelario
Negative Number 179230