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Local boys sing and play the guitar as they serenade a woman in Patzcuaro, Mexico, June 1962. Photographed by Earl Leaf.

“Derek and his guitar.” 1950s.

A guitarist in Mexico, 1970.

Group of German men in swim trunks relaxing, 1930s.

Clara Bow, 1930

The earliest written records of the guitar date back to the 1300s, near the start of the European Renaissance. And the first instruments that modern audiences would recognize as guitars were crafted in the 1400s. But the exact origins of the guitar are debated. Did it come from the Middle East during the Medieval Period, like the lute? Or was it invented in Europe?

For those interested: the painting is “The Guitar Player” by Johannes Vermeer, circa 1672.

Perrysburg Journal, Ohio, June 5, 1903