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20 nostalgic portraits of River Phoenix with long hair.

Afro hair on vintage album covers

Spray Paint the Bald Away With GLH, by Ronco

Have you heard? GLH Formula 9 spray on hair is the best solution for baldness! You can look like a teenager again and chicks totally dig it! The growth comes from the patented Chia Pet hair technology.

Vintage adverts of hair necessities for men from the 1970s.

Teenage boy fixing his hair in Des Moines, Iowa, 1945. Photographed by Nina Leen.

These amazing pics show impressive beards of the 19th century men you rarely see today.

Braids and arms entwined, 1900s.

The 1980s gets too much attention for being a horrible, no-good, very bad time for hair. But we ignore the atrocity that was men’s hair in the 1970s!

A day on the beach, 1950s.

The Edwardsville Intelligencer, Illinois, January 14, 1927