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HALLOWEEN is among the oldest traditions in the world as it touches on an essential element of the human condition: the relationship between the living and the dead. Every recorded civilization has created some form of ritual observance focused on what happens to people when they die, where they go, and how the living should best honor those who have passed or respond to the dead who seem unwilling or unable to move on.

Countries around the world today celebrate Halloween in one form or another, from Mexico’s Day of the Dead to China’s Tomb Sweeping Day. The modern-day observance of Halloween in countries such as the United States and Canada – where this tradition is most popular – share in this ancient tradition even though some aspects of the holiday are relatively recent developments, and can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

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President George H.W Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush celebrates Halloween in the White House Grounds. 1989

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How people dressed up for Halloween in the 1930s

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Kids preparing for Halloween in Hilton Village, Newport News, Virginia, 1939.

Beware of the clown!

Vintage Holly-ween: 22 color pics of classic beauties in Halloween costumes.

Clown parade, 1940s.

Halloween costumes from 1912: The maid of the moon, Teddy, and an airplane, Holland Park Skating Carnival, London

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Halloween greetings, 1955.